Telecoms & IT

Telecommunication and Information Technology

Telecommunication and IT companies are constantly evolving and seeking new markets in the emerging economies and developing countries. It is essential for the industry to benefit from lawyers with a thorough knowledge and appreciation of the development process of the IT Support Services Sector and telecoms encompassing the design, manufacture, offsite testing, integration testing, site installation, acceptance testing and commissioning phases.

Our global experience of projects and construction issues within this industry sector enables us to advise Employers, Engineers and Contractors at all stages in a project, including:

  • Feasibility and Planning
  • Project management & Construction
  • Procurement & Supply
  • Environment and Health & Safety
  • Bespoke Contract Advice
  • Representation in Litigation, Adjudication, Arbitration & Mediation

Our Experience

We understand the issues and challenges faced by our domestic and international clients in the Telecoms & IT industry. Our specialist experience encompasses a range of projects from Platform to Train, CCTV systems to Firelink, a wide area radio system being introduced in England, Wales and Scotland for the fire service.

We also have experience of many systems within the IT and Support Services Sector and an appreciation of the challenges faced by businesses in this sector, particularly when new technologies and systems are being implemented and developed.


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