Advice & Representation

At Silver Shemmings, we have a wide range experience and qualifications both legal and in the construction industry which makes this practice ideally suited to reacting quickly and effectively to the fast-track nature of Adjudication.

We recognise that each adjudication requires individual attention to ensure the best possible results and to this end we will provide the most suitable person to take overall control and responsibility. We advise and act for clients in disputes covering a wide range of issues, including:


        •  Final accounts
        •   Interim valuation
        •  Loss and Expense and  Extension  of Time claims
        •  Variations
        •  Defective works

Should you need advice on:

  • how to take your claim forward using Adjudication; or
  • have been served with Adjudication proceedings; or
  • require the appointment of an Adjudicator; or
  • need contract terms drafted that provide an Act compliant adjudication procedure that suits your requirements, then

contact one of our Adjudication experts.

Key Contacts