Adjudicators, Mediators and Arbitrators

Appointment as Tribunal

Many of our lawyers are dual-qualified barristers, or solicitors with a construction background, for example chartered quantity or building surveyors, chartered architect or project managers.

We are frequently appointed as:

        •  Adjudicators 
        • Arbitrators
        • Conciliators  
        • Mediators
        • Experts   
        • Dispute Resolution Board Members
        • Dispute Adjudication Board Members

Our lawyers are appointed to the panels of the nominating bodies for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb), the Royal Institutes of Architects (RIBA) and the Chartered Institute of Building (CIoB).

When an appointment is proposed, we act quickly and efficiently in ensuring that the individual has the time to devote to the matter and that there is no conflict or relationship between the individual, the practice and either Party in dispute.

Upon appointment, we:

      •  treat the dispute as confidential;
      • give clear directions and guidance as to the conduct of the case and timescales; 
      • treat each Party fairly and with respect; 
      • act in a manner which properly balances the need for fairness and justice with the objective of minimising time and cost.

 Should you need to appoint an adjudicator, arbitrator or mediator, please contact us.

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