Expert Determination

Appointment as Experts for the determination of technical or legal issues

We promote the use of Expert Determination in projects domestically and internationally. Our team of dual-qualified lawyers has extensive experience on a range of construction projects from inception through to the completion. Selection and appointment of our lawyers and experts are based on their:

    •  knowledge and experience in the construction industry;
    • impartiality, objectivity and observance of the confidential nature of disputes;
    • ability to work as a team with other board members;
    • ability to prevent the escalation of disputes;
    • ability to preserve commercial and business relationships between the parties and stakeholders.

Our experience Expert Determination processes has shown us that by getting involved at the outset of a project, we get to know the parties, their goals and objectives. We act quickly to prevent any dispute or conflict from arising. This helps our clients to move their projects and venture forward towards a dispute-free and successful completion.

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