Construction Claims

Time and Money ..

The aim for all construction projects is to complete on time and within budget.  It is an unfortunate fact that this rarely happens.

At Silver Shemmings we specialise in dealing with claims relating to time and money. Our solicitors and consultants are highly experienced in these types of construction claims, and which can include a contractor’s claims for loss and expense, extension of time and variations and employer’s claims for delay and disruption, defects in the works and liquidated damages or a claim against a professional for negligence.

We recognise that realistic advice, based upon legal and commercial considerations provided at a very early stage to a client, is essential. The services we provide include:

  • Advice on the submission of notices, applications and record keeping;
  • guidance on the various heads of claim including the evaluation process;
  • preliminary investigations into the merits of the case at the outset;
  • advice on the merits of the claim;
  • advice on the best course of action for the earliest and most satisfactory resolution of      the dispute;
  • advice on and assistance with the preparation and formulation of claims;
  • consideration of the relevant documents and back up for the claim;
  • preparation of delay programmes for analytical and presentational purposes, schedules (time slice analysis), analysis of cause and effect;
  • negotiations  regarding settlement  and  drafting settlement agreements;
  • cost-effective management of disputes and continuity of approach;
  • guidance on the content of claims where mediation, adjudication or arbitration may be required.

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