Variations Claims

When the scope of works or work information is changed, a contractor may be entitled to make a claim for a variation for the additional works dependent upon the terms of the contract.

Most standard forms of contracts contain clauses which define “variation” and provide procedure for assessment of entitlement and valuation. This allows both an employer to make changes to the scope of work as well as the contractor to be paid for the additional work or materials.

However, in practice most claims for variations are often rejected. The most common reasons for the rejection include non-conformance with the contract procedures, no instructions were made in accordance with the contract terms or the additional works were within the original scope of the works – all of these are fruitful subjects for a disputre.

Our dual-qualified consultants and team of lawyers are able to assist you at every stage of your claim, including:

  • Preparation of Scott Schedules setting out the various heads of claim and their claimed values;
  • Drafting the documentation and substantiation of variation claims
  • Advising on entitlement to additional payment
  • Advising on the contractual procedures in order to make a valid claim

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