Programming and Scheduling

Delay analysis & extension of time claims

It is usual for most contracts to have a completion date put into the contract or at least a mechanism to calculate the end date.  Unfortunately, projects rarely complete on time and very often contractors have to claim for an extension of time to the completion date as a result of an employer’s culpable delay. Most standard forms of contracts contain specific clauses setting out when an extension of time may be granted and how such a claim should be made and when. It is also never certain that the Contract Administrator will grant the length of time asked for.

At Silver Shemmings we are able to provide a number of services using programming and scheduling computer software to assist with your claim for extension of time, including:

    • Identifying the works critical path
    • Scheduling of the works programme
    • Identifying what caused the delay event
    • Ascertaining whether a delay event gives a contractor an entitlement to additional time
    • Comprehensive delay analysis and assessment of the impact of delays on the critical path
    • Forensic planning and retrospective delay analysis.
    • Providing Expert Witness evidence which would include:
      • Time Slice (also known as Time Impacted) Analysis
      • Window Analysis
      • Collapsed As-Built (also known as ‘As-Built But For’  method)
      • Impacted-As-Planned
      •  As-Planned vs As-Built
    • Preparation of claims documentation and substantiation
    • A “one-stop shop” for negotiation assistance, mediation, adjudication or arbitration

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