Contract Drafting And Advice

Standard Form Or Bespoke?

Our team of dual-qualified lawyers are renowned for their expertise of the many standard forms of contracts including NEC, FIDIC, JCT, ICE, ACE, ACA, IChemE, LOGIC and GC/Works We advise our clients, whether a project promoter, main-contractor, sub-contractor or professional consultant on the choice of contract which provide the best allocation of risks that suit their needs. In doing so, we consider documentation that suits the industry best, practical constraints, available resources, regulatory requirements and contract administration obligations.

The Contract you choose or you agree to creates a legally binding agreement by which rights and/or obligations are acquired or granted.

Where a Standard Form of Contract has been chosen for use we can draft bespoke amendments, advise on the amendments provided by others or advise on the appropriateness of Contract Selection.

Should you require Contract Selection advice, training, drafting of Contract or Letters of Intent, Contract Interpretation or consideration of how your Contract applies to you in respect of rights and obligations then please contact us.

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