Dispute Avoidance

Disputes and disagreements in any construction and engineering project can be damaging in a number of ways. It can ruin long-term business relationship, causes delay to the completion of projects as well as causing serious cash flow problems. 

Our philosophy is to minimize chances of disputes occurring and, should it occur, we provide our clients with innovative solutions and best strategies to manage their disputes effectively. We, at Silver Shemmings, offer practical and pro-active solutions to avoid disputes, hence avoid costly arbitration or litigation procedures.  

Our team of dual-qualified lawyers and consultants works with our clients and their management teams to: 

  • identify potential problems and risks within the construction contract
  • facilitate problem avoidance between employers, contractors and sub-contractors
  • manage problems and risks, if they arise, in the most cost effective and commercially sensible way
  • create relationships, both legal and managerial, to suit client objectives
  • convey knowledge and information on construction law, commercial and/or contract management to client personnel to keep them up-to-date with developments  

Our comprehensive experience enables us to advise employers, construction professionals and contractors involved in any type of projects in order to avoid disputes, including: 


Our partnering advisors provide partnering workshops to the construction industry and advice to our clients on all aspects of team-working, including the creation and administration of the legal relationship and the inter-personal skills needed to implement successful partnering. 

Drafting of Construction Contracts and Tender Advice 

We draft contracts or amendments to suit our clients’ particular objectives. We also regularly create procurement systems and documentation and advise on tender and enquiry documentation (including contracts, warranties, guarantees, bonds and joint ventures). When drafting or advising on contracts we recognise that the process must combine both commercial as well as legal considerations and should reflect the relevant objectives. 

Contract Negotiations 

Whether in the context of construction contract formation, risk allocation or avoiding post-contract problems we are often called upon by our clients to advise or participate in negotiations to settle the relevant issues. Our lawyers and consultants use their experience, knowledge and personality to benefit our clients and achieve the objective. 

Private Finance Intitiatives (PFI) 

We regularly advise on PFI arrangements, including risk allocation, contractual relationships and the procedures involved. Our experience covers many of the relevant sectors including health, education, defence and police. 

Facilities Management 

We advise on bidding procedures and submissions for facility management arrangements and on the scope and nature of services, risk, documentation and administration. 

Framework Agreements

Framework agreements are becoming ever more popular within the construction industry. In addition to being party to framework agreements we also advise clients on such arrangements, draft agreements and all associated documentation and participate on our client’s behalf in settling the relationship.

Education & Training: Our In-house and Breakfast seminars

At the forefront of our practice is our core value to educate people in the construction industry. We are experienced in presenting seminars, holding training workshops and advising on continuing professional development. In consultation with our client, we prepare programmes, course objectives, explanatory notes, hand-outs, etc. for delegates on subjects relating to the services that we provide. We also provide feedback forms and CPD certificates.

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