Negotiation is one of the oldest forms of dispute resolution technique and can be undertaken at any time during litigation, arbitration or adjudication process. Negotiation allows parties to a dispute to interact, without compulsion by any third-party, with a view to reach an independent joint and better outcome than the ones available without negotiation.

A Negotiated settlement is usually embodied in a formal agreement that becomes enforceable by the court of law. 


How can we help?

Our practice is renowned for offering a one-stop shop for all ADR services including Negotiation. 

Silver Shemmings recognises that any dispute requires accurate and realistic advice that will enable a client to fully weigh up the commercial and legal considerations open to them.

Our experienced dual-qualified lawyers act as Negotiators in any type of dispute on behalf of our valuable customers. 

In our experience, getting Silver Shemmings involved in the dispute at the outset has been fruitful to our clients. A clear and deep understanding of the dispute can be obtained which in turn greatly assists the possibility of resolution.

Do you need advice as to how to take your claim forward or defend a claim, or indeed wish to speak to one of our expert negotiators? Contact Us.

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