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Construction and the Environment

Statistics from the Environment Agency show that the construction industry continues to be one of this country’s worst polluters. The construction industry also has to deal with complex regulations to dispose of construction site waste, including often highly contaminated waste, including asbestos. The sites that can now take this waste are few and far between leading to increased cost of disposal.

The Government is anxious to see landfill sites redeveloped, but in doing this the contaminated land regulations mean that the contractors and site owners/developers are at risk and could be held responsible to pay for the clean-up costs of contamination that has escaped from that site. The Environment Agency has sweeping powers and is not afraid to prosecute offenders or claim re-imbursement for clean-up costs.

Equally with the pressure to develop and use alternative power sources, contractors are at the forefront of such developing technology. With our expertise we can assist such companies with the review of contracts to ensure their interests are protected.

Construction Procurement

When tendering for projects contractors are inevitably required to ensure that the materials they use are from sustainable sources. Architects and engineers are increasingly being asked to develop buildings with innovative designs which produce low emissions, using new materials, all of which have the potential for professional negligence claims in the future.  Using new materials and building techniques also brings the risk of faults developing later with claims being made against the contractors.

With our expertise we can help and advise employers, engineers, architects and contractors at all stages of the project, including:

      • feasibility and planning
      • project management
      • procurement development
      • construction
      • dispute avoidance and resolutions

We have the expertise to provide advice in the respect of claims brought by the Environment Agency against contractors and land owners as well as advising on professional negligence claims against construction professionals.

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