Dealing with potential claims ...

Protection of the environment is highly regulated in this country with many statutory provisions that have to be adhered to.  The penalties for breaching these provisions are strict and there is little scope to defend such claims.  On top of this is the fact that it is now a legal requirement for companies to “self-report” certain environmental regulation breaches.  This makes those in the Construction industry very vulnerable to claims for breach of environmental regulations especially those relating to waste – waste produced during the construction process and how it is disposed of as well as the escape of waste  including asbestos from the site and dealing with the consequential clean – up.

It is therefore essential that businesses have assistance to guide them through this regulatory “minefield” especially when faced with the phrase “the polluter pays” and which in some circumstances may not be your fault.

 At Silver Shemmings, we provide you with the following services:


  • Review and draft appropriate clauses in construction contracts and advise in respect of your environmental responsibilities
  • Assist if your business is being investigated by one the regulatory agencies i.e. the Environment Agency or Natural England
  • Accompany with you at any formal interviews you may be required to attend
  • Assist you if you are prosecuted for breach of any  environmental regulations
  • Assist with your defence if you are served with civil proceedings for recovery of clean – up costs
  • Advise you in respect of statutory nuisance claims
  • Assist you if you are facing an injunction and which will affect your business
  • Advise in respect of asbestos claims 
  • Provide training in environmental regulation

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