Health and Safety

Health and safety is just one of a myriad of regulations that affect businesses.  Health and safety issues impinge on everyone’s  daily life.  Whilst everyone has heard of “health and safety”, if you ask  businesses exactly what it means to them you will receive a different answer  every time.

Health and Safety is regulated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and is a Government body.  The HSE not only provides  guidance to businesses on how to comply with the regulations but it also acts a  policeman.

For businesses whether they be multi-million pound ones or a small family run business, making sure that you know what your responsibilities  are under the regulations and have taken steps to ensure that regular risk  assessments have been carried out is very important.

All businesses, large and small, have a duty to provide a safe place for employees and visitors.  This includes:

  • Elimination or control risks to health
  • Ensuring plant and machinery are safe and that there are safe systems of work and which are followed
  • Ensuring articles and substances are moved, stored and used safely
  • Providing adequate welfare facilities
  • Ensuring that employees are trained and given all relevant information in respect of health and safety issues
  • Consulting on health and safety matters,

Whilst this is common sense for any business, it can be a  big burden.  However, if there is an accident, whether fatal or not, it is  extremely likely that the HSE will not only prosecute the company but senior  managers or directors as well.

At Silver Shemmings we have the experience to be able to  assist businesses with

  • Advising on procedures and good practice
  • Assisting with the defence of prosecutions by  the HSE

We regularly report  about health and safety issues in our newsletters.  We have a links with Health  and Safety companies including Construct Safe Ltd who specialise in providing  Health & Safety advice to the Construction Sector.

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