H & S and Construction

We recognise that health & safety is a major concern to all who  work in the construction industry.  The  HSE state that the construction industry has the largest proportion of people  working in that sector.  However the  number of site related accidents and deaths continues to give rise to concern.

Employers  are under a duty to ensure that their employees work in a safe environment as  far as is practicable.  This includes  assessment of risk generally, work at height, manual handling, electrical  safety, site transport and COSHH.  All of  these issues can be a problem if not correctly reviewed.  To that end risk assessments and compliance  with CDM regulations are essential.

Despite  taking all reasonable steps, accidents do unfortunately occur.

Silver  Shemmings has experience of the construction & engineering industries which  enables us to advise employers, professionals and contractors of their duties  under Health & Safety legislation, and especially the Construction (Design  & Management) Regulations (CDM).

We  have the experience to appreciate the challenges faced by those in the  construction industry and with our experience and specialist skills, can assist  in the following:

  • advising on employment issues relating to  health & safety
  • advising employers on their health &  safety obligations under current health & safety legislation
  • advising on health & safety prosecutions
  • advising on contractual responsibilities in  respect of health & safety CDM and project management
  • advising on health & safety policies  generally for companies
  • assisting with risk assessments
  • providing training and information
  • representing clients for breach of  regulations

Under  the new legislation, company directors can now be prosecuted for corporate  manslaughter for health & safety breaches and we can provide assistance in  defending such claims.

Our health &  safety consultants are able to provide expert witness work  and specific training in health & safety issues.

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