Commercial Litigation

Silver Shemmings recognises that becoming involved in legal disputes should be avoided wherever possible because it could prove costly in time and money to our clients even if successful. For these reasons, we seek to provide our clients with not just practical legal advice, but also commercially sensible and viable solutions.

Our experience has shown that most business clients do not wish to be involved in any form of dispute. But, sometimes, disputes may be inevitable despite best efforts to avoid confrontation. In those circumstances we will review the claim and advise the best way forward. We can advise on the various forms of dispute resolution mechanisms including arbitration, conciliation, mediation, litigation, reconciliation and expert determination.

Our experience includes claims relating to:

  • agency disputes,
  • banking litigation,
  • commercial disputes,
  • construction disputes,
  • contract disputes,
  • company/corporate work

and business issues including:

  • shareholder disputes,
  • debt recovery,
  • injunctions,
  • insurance policy disputes,
  • insolvency including issue of statutory demands,
  • winding up and bankruptcy,
  • intellectual property,
  • I.T. disputes,
  • partnership issues,
  • professional negligence,
  • product liability claims, and
  • property disputes.

In all cases, we will take the issues as you see them and place these within a legal and commercial framework in order to be able to agree the most fitting way forward with you.

 If you wish to bring a claim for any type of dispute or have to defend a claim, please contact one of our offices.

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