Debt Recovery

Maintaining positive cash-flow is critical to all businesses and so effective means must be used to recover unpaid debts.

Silver Shemmings do not believe that computer generated letters obtain payment from the habitual late payer or a business in financial difficulty. We therefore offer a tailor made debt recovery service in which we assess the requirements of the client, the reasons for non-payment and the financial standing of the debtor including a status check with the Companies House.

Our debt recovery service covers both commercial debts and non-payment of adjudicator’s decisions made under the Housing Grant, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996. We aim to recover debts as quickly and cost effectively using as appropriate:

    •  Letters before Action
    • Pre-Action Protocol Letters
    • Litigation
    • Adjudication and enforcement of those decisions
    • Statutory Demands
    • Winding Up and Bankruptcy Petitions


Undisputed Invoices – Letter before action

We provide a simple and fast service for recovering undisputed invoices whereby we issue a letter before action which demands payment from the debtor within 7 days or 14 days if the debtor is an individual, failing which Court action will be commenced. In our experience, the majority of cases where a letter before action has been issued, court proceedings were avoided.

Once instructed, we:

    • calculate any contractual interest payable or statutory/late payment interest; 
    • write to the debtor; 
    • contact you after 7 days to verify whether the debtor has paid; 
    • advise you on your next options including the start of court proceedings for the recovery of the debt.  

If you are owed money and wish to bring a claim or if your wish to defend a debt claim, please contact one of our offices.

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