Professional Negligence

To err is human. But mistakes made by professionals in their advice could be disastrous to businesses. Take for example, a mistake in a drawing which is not picked up by your architect, or a miscalculation by your engineers.  Other forms of negligence could include the use of inappropriate materials in construction; inadequate costs control; your previous solicitors may have missed crucial time limit set by the court or have made a mistake on the type of claim you are entitled to bring.

 In recent years, we have seen a rise in professional negligence claims. At Silver Shemmings, we have a team of lawyers who have a vast experience in the construction industry and who specialise professional negligence claims against professionals such as accountants, financial advisers, solicitors, barristers, surveyors, architects, engineers and project managers.

Duty of Care

To be successful in a professional negligence case, a claimant must show to the court or tribunal that he was owed a duty of care by the defendant professional; that the professional had breached that duty of care; and that, as a result, the claimant had suffered losses. The nature and types of duties vary from profession to profession and such duties may also be owed to third-parties.

How can we help?

 It may seem awkward making a claim against a professional advisor for failing to either properly design or carry out their professional duties.

For instance, a professional consultant may be liable to an employer for:

    • Failing to design the works in accordance with his appointment.
    • Failing to supervise or project manage the works in accordance with his appointment.
    • Failing to ensure the contractor built the works in accordance with contract.
    • Negligent certification of the works.

We can assist you with considering whether there has been a negligent act and with bringing a professional negligence claim.

If you believe your architect, quantity surveyor, engineer, project manager or solicitors have been negligent, we will assess the merits of your claim for professional negligence and will advise and guide you on legal liability, causation and loss.

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